Carers Week 2020

Carers Week 2020 starts on June 8th and here at the Carers Centre, we have been working hard to make sure that despite the current restrictions placed on us all we can still offer a package of events online.

During these restrictions, employees may be furloughed, continuing to work remotely, are still in the workplace or are worried about their future. All of these situations bring challenges and can be especially hard for employees with care responsibilities as well.

Please follow the link below to take you to our Carers Centre page dedicated to Carers Week. Where we would normally host a single festival day, we have now spread activities across the whole week.

On Wednesday 10th June at 18:00, I will be hosting one of our regular evening meet up session for working carers, those who may wish to return to work or who may want to start their own business. These meet ups give us the chance to talk through issues about work and caring but they also provide a little respite and the chance to talk with someone that may have experience of a similar situation.

To book onto this session, please follow the instructions in the link above.

I would ask that you please pass this information and the link onto any of your employees that may be interested and if they or you need information about being a carer in Brighton and Hove, please ask them to contact The Carers Hub on 01273 977 000.

General information for employers can be found here:

Many thanks and I hope to see you online at some of the events.

Steve Castellari
Engagement and Working Carers Lead, Carers Centre