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NHS Choices is a national website designed to help patients choose where to receive their care, whether they are looking at dentists, opticians, GPs or hospitals. As part of that, people can read about the experiences of previous patients and visitors.


Messaging for GP websites

Following recent media coverage about the Infected Blood Inquiry, we understand that some people may be concerned about their own health.

Please see the dedicated NHS webpage for key information about this and signposting on where to find support: https://nhs.uk/infected-blood-support

Since 1991, all blood donated in the UK is screened and distributed by NHS Blood and Transplant following rigorous safety standards and testing to protect both donors and patients.

Since testing has been introduced, the risk of getting an infection from a blood transfusion or blood products is very low. 

All blood donors are screened at every donation and every donation is tested before it is sent to hospitals. Blood services and blood safety has been transformed, not only in terms of technological advances in testing but also in the way donors are recruited and checked they are safe to donate.

Given the time that has elapsed since the last use of infected blood products, most of those who were directly affected have been identified and started appropriate treatment. However, there may be a small number of patients where this is not the case, and particularly where they are living with asymptomatic hepatitis C. If you are worried about risk of hepatitis C, you can order a confidential test online through the NHS website: http://hepctest.nhs.uk.

Patients who want more details about the safety of blood from donations in England can find more information here:  https://www.blood.co.uk/the-donation-process/further-information/your-safety/

Trans, Non-Binary or Intersex (TNBI)

We have a new service that involves inviting people who identify as trans, non-binary or intersex (TNBI) for an annual holistic review. This includes physical, mental and sexual health. We will also talk about cancer and other screenings.

This has been started to help tackle health inequalities in the TNBI community and to try to break down barriers in accessing healthcare. Some may feel it is not necessary for them to have this review but for others it may be welcome. 

We realise that using the term TNBI may not fit with how you identify, and we apologise if that is the case.

The appointment can be face-to-face, phone or video call. Face to face is ideal so that we can check your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. However, if you would prefer you can check these things in reception in advance and then have a phone or video consultation. The appointments are 40 minutes long. 

Hospital appointment waiting times

We have been informed that there is currently a long waiting list for outpatient appointments 

If your GP has referred you for a hospital outpatients appointment and you have not received your appointment information within 18 weeks from the date you were referred, please contact BSUH Outpatients on 0300 303 8360. 

Referrals can often take weeks/months for triage from submission due to current extensive demand for services. Until referrals are triaged by a specific service, patients are unable to access information via the outpatients system. 

Please also note that, if a referral is submitted as urgent by a clinician, this does not necessarily ensure that it is treated as urgent by the service and may be downgraded to routine at the discretion of the triaging consultant following local protocols and pathways. 

Please do not contact us regarding your appointment waiting time as unfortunately this is outside of our control. 

St Peter’s Health Centre

What to do if your condition has deteriorated, and you are waiting for a hospital appointment

Unfortunately, following the pandemic, hospital waiting times for procedures and appointments have increased.  If you are waiting for a procedure or appointment at the hospital please do not contact the practice about this, as we do not have access to the hospital appointment or waiting list system. Please see below numbers and contact the department directly.


BSUH  Hospitals Outpatients: 0300 303 8360

MSK (musculoskeletal service): 0300 303 8063

Wellbeing Service: 0300 002 0060

Diabetes Care For You: 0300 373 1886

Dermatology Outpatients: 01273 665140

If your condition has worsened please contact the outpatient department to enquire when your appointment will be. The details of the outpatient department should be on any correspondence that you have received from the hospital.  If you feel that your symptoms are more severe and that the appointment time is too long, then please contact the specialist’s secretary to ask the specialist reviews your referral in light of your new symptoms. The number and email for the specialist secretary should be on the correspondence which you have received from them.  If you are unable to contact outpatients or the specialist secretary then please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).  If you are concerned that your new symptoms may not be related to your original condition then you should let us know, and we can assess, advise, and manage your new condition.

Thank you

Important news for patients and visitors to St Peter’s Health Centre

Update on our new premises

We finally take over the ground floor of our new premises this weekend.   This means that patients can now access the practice through our automatic front doors rather than the side from Tuesday 7 May.  Full completion is expected on 31 May 2024.





Extended Access

Through our partnership with Brighton and Hove Federation, patients now have access to additional appointments from 18.30 to 20.00 weekdays and 09.00 to 17.00 Saturday and Sunday.  

These include remote and face to face GP appointments as well as appointments with a nurse, pharmacist or health care assistant.

Specialist clinics are also being available (e.g. menopause and womens health). Please refer to the Federations website, https://www.brightonandhovefed.co.uk/enhanced-access, for updates.  

Access to these clinics is by contacting thepractice in the normal way. These appointments might be held at a different location to the practice and are subject to availability.

Brighton & Hove Federation

Brighton & Hove Federation (brightonandhovefed.co.uk)

Primary Care for our local community.

Brighton and Hove Federation includes all 32 GP practices in Brighton and Hove.  The website is new and will be constantly developed and updated. Please bookmark it to keep up to date.

Welcome to St Peter’s Health Centre

What is our Vision? (why are we here?)

To help our patients become happier and healthier

What is our Mission? (what do we do?)

The St Peter's team supports the delivery of the best possible healthcare in partnership with our patients

What are our Values? (our ethos)


     We value teamwork and good morale

     We are inclusive and non-judgemental

     We treat people with respect and kindness

     We encourage patients to help themselves


     We are financially secure

     We manage business risks

     We strive for sustainable work-life balance and job roles

     We limit our environmental impact


     We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them

     We provide the best care we can within our resources

     We hold patient safety paramount

     We value the trust patients put in us


     We are optimistic

     We invest in developing our service and people

     We train the workforce of tomorrow

     We embrace improvement & innovation


As well as a source of information about our practice, we hope our website will also serve as a useful resource for health-related information. Please take a tour and send us any feedback you may have, as we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience - both in our surgery and online. 

Waiting List for Procedures

Some of the services that St Peter’s Health Centre provides are additional to our core General Medical Services Contract.  These services are called Locally Commissioned Services, based on the needs of our local population.   At the current time it is likely that the budget general practice has for these services is going to be overspent.  NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board (ICB) has a statutory responsibility to ensure they don’t overspend so have made the decision to cap our funding.  We are therefore having to adjust some of our services to meet this financial constraint. 

As a result we are having to review some of our services which may mean that your name will need to be put on a waiting list.  Two of the services affected are changing ring pessaries and intra-uterine devices for non-contraceptive purposes.  We will let you know if there are any further affected services. 

Please note that this does not affect normal appointments with our clinical team. 

We are sorry that this is happening and hope that the situation will improve in April 24.

Opening Times

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Online Services

Non-urgent advice: We are Zero Tolerance

Dealing with people who are abusive or aggressive towards our staff and our patients, takes us away from caring for you. We will investigate any incidents that are reported to us, this could result in action being taken by the police.

We have the right to refuse treatment and take further action against anyone who threatens the safety of our staff and our patients.

Help us focus on caring for you, share this message with others #NotInADaysWork

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