Patient Participation Group

PPG minutes from Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Update on New Building

Patients were advised of status of new building and that the reception was due to open imminently. Currently awaiting sign off from building control. The new entrance will open onto Oxford Street and provide additional space for patients entering and exiting the surgery.

Becky advised that completion of all aspects of the new surgery buildingy was scheduled for the end of May. The last phase of the development will take place in stages as we repurpose some rooms and move the reception area.

Progress and Actions from Previous Meeting

You said/we did document has now been added to surgery’s website as suggested previously.

Restarted Travel Clinic led by Holly, our Travel Nurse.

Currently awaiting call back facility on the surgery phone line which will be implemented on opening of the new reception area.

Discussion of texts/SMS/Mjog messages from the surgery and advised that a name will always be included within the information to allow patients to differentiate between primary and secondary care messages.

Practice leaflet now completed and distributed which includes comprehensive information regarding clinicians and contact information as suggested at the previous PPG.

Patient comments noted in respect of signage/pedestrian access on London Road, patients were advised that the request was submitted to the council, however, unfortunately, rejected. We have communicated with architects and the council regarding a pedestrian crossing and green space at the rear.

Balance of face to face to telephone appointments are currently under review.

Current Issues in General Practice

Patients were advised that GPs recently voted to reject the latest contract imposed by the government. More information is available on the website and the links are to be added for patients review.

Most services have not received the adequate funding to return to pre-pandemic performance levels by April 2025.

Number of clinical appointments have increased despite a funding reduction. There are fewer GPs – 6% decrease since 2010. NHS hospital doctors has increased broadly in line with demand for hospital care but GP numbers have fallen in the last decade. Other primary care services have also been reduced resulted in increased pressure on surgeries with a reduction in social care and support staff funding.

East and central Brighton has the largest percentage of deprivation when compared with the remainder of Sussex.

Our GPs are now seeing more patient but still unable to meet the demand required for appointments and an issue remains with retention of GPs.

The baseline contract figure for car per patient is £107.57 per registered patient per year, this is increased to £164.64 which includes QOF, rent and additional work required.

The new contract was imposed with a 1.9% increase which equates to a 20% reduction in real terms and workload has increased by 20%.

What Next

We want to work with our patients to highlight the national and local problems in General Practice. We are working with other local practices in the PCN and Federation to share best practice and support each other.

Training practice – FY2s will be available to see patients independently, although will remain under supervision, which will provide additonal patient appointments.

Following a recent audit, an average of 623 incoming telephone calls are on a Monday morning and the weekly average of approximately 900. This does not include patients who approach reception in person and e-consults.

Clinical Triage

Due to the continuing issue with patient frustration at the availability of appointments, a new telephone triage is being trialled which allows us to prioritise patients with the most urgent health needs and ensure that patients see an appropriate clinician. This replaces the first come first serve 8.30am rush.

The advantage of triage is that it aims to address inappropriate telephone or same day appontments being taken by routine issues.

A clinician will sit with the telephony team to assess urgency and clinical need and book appropriately. This will help to access health services and traige appropriately. They are also able to arrange preliminary tests if appropriate and issue information to the patient in preparation for their appontment.

Patients were asked if they would like to be involbed in working with our team as we develp communications and refine the triage system.

Patient Comments

A patient suggested that it would be helpful and feel more personable if PCAs could provide their name when answering telephone calls.

For those patients who remain computer iliterate, it was suggested that paper copies of information be provided including feedback where relevant.

Group Consultations

Once the new surgery has opened, a room will be available for group consultation. This model is already being delivered locally by the diabetes, wellbeing and MSK services.

Our PCN also offers free yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and art groups but premises can be expensive and the room will provide a useful resource.

Patients advised that we would welcome suggestions for utilising the room for community benefit.

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

Our Patients Participation Group (PPG) is a space where patients, members of the medical staff and the Practice Manager are able to meet quarterly to discuss matters relating to the surgery, and for us to work together constructively to improve services. There is a video explaining PPGs here:-

The aims of the Group are:

  1. To improve communication between the Practice and the Patients.
  2. To exchange information and ideas.
  3. To discuss recent or future developments which involve the practice and its patients.
  4. To consider patients concerns, comments or suggestions about the quality of the service provided and what improvements can be made.

All patients of the Practice are eligible to join the Patient Participation Group, so if you are enthusiastic about the surgery and have a few hours to spare each quarter please think about becoming a member of your PPG.

If you wish to become a member, contact our Practice Manager, Julie Manthorpe at, who can provide you with further information about membership.


Virtual Patient Group

If you are unable to come to our meetings why not be part of our virtual Patient Group? From time to time we may need some patient input on certain issues. At these times we will e-mail our patient group for comments, suggestions or to do a questionnaire. If you would like to register, please contact Julie.

If you prefer, you can complete our online form by clicking on the image opposite.

Virtual Patient Group

If you are unable to come to our meetings why not be part of our virtual Patient Group? From time to time we may need some patient input on certain issues. At these times we will e-mail our patient group for comments, suggestions or to do a questionnaire. If you would like to register, please contact Julie Manthorpe at